Documentation of sentinelhub Python package

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The sentinelhub Python package is the official Python interface for Sentinel Hub services. It supports most of the services described in the Sentinel Hub documentation and any type of satellite data collections, including Sentinel, Landsat, MODIS, DEM, and custom collections produced by users.

The package also provides a collection of basic tools and utilities for working with geospatial and satellite data. It builds on top of well known packages such as numpy, shapely, pyproj, etc. It is also a core dependency of eo-learn Python package for creating geospatial data-processing workflows.

The main package resources are GitHub repository, documentation page, and Sentinel Hub forum.


A high-level overview of the main functionalities:


The package has a collection of Jupyter notebooks with examples. They are available in the examples folder on GitHub and converted into documentation under Examples section.

Additionally, some examples are explained in Sentinel Hub webinar videos:

Blog posts

The package played a key role in many projects and use cases described at Sentinel Hub blog. The following blog posts are about the package itself:

Questions and Issues

Feel free to ask questions about the package and its use cases at Sentinel Hub forum or raise an issue on GitHub.

You are welcome to send your feedback to the package authors, Sentinel Hub research team, through any of Sentinel Hub communication channels.