Utility functions to read/write image data from/to file

sentinelhub.io_utils.read_data(filename, data_format=None)[source]

Read image data from file

This function reads input data from file. The format of the file can be specified in data_format. If not specified, the format is guessed from the extension of the filename.

  • filename (str) – filename to read data from

  • data_format (MimeType | None) – format of filename. Default is None


data read from filename


exception if filename does not exist

Return type:


sentinelhub.io_utils.write_data(filename, data, data_format=None, compress=False, add=False)[source]

Write image data to file

Function to write image data to specified file. If file format is not provided explicitly, it is guessed from the filename extension. If format is TIFF, geo information and compression can be optionally added.

  • filename (str) – name of file to write data to

  • data (Any) – image data to write to file

  • data_format (MimeType | None) – format of output file. Default is None

  • compress (bool) – Compress data. Default is False

  • add (bool) – Append to existing file. Only supported for TXT. Default is False


exception if numpy format is not supported or file cannot be written

Return type: