Module implementing a download client that is adjusted to download from AWS

class*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: DownloadClient

An AWS download client class

  • redownload – If True the data will always be downloaded again. By default, this is set to False and the data that has already been downloaded and saved to an expected location will be read from the location instead of being downloaded again.

  • raise_download_errors – If True any error in download process will be raised as DownloadFailedException. If False failed downloads will only raise warnings.

  • config – An instance of configuration class

  • args (Any) –

  • kwargs (Any) –

GLOBAL_S3_CLIENTS: Dict[str, Any] = {}
classmethod get_s3_client(config)[source]

Provides a s3 client object


config (SHConfig) –

Return type:


static is_s3_request(request)[source]

Checks if data has to be downloaded from AWS s3 bucket


True if url describes location at AWS s3 bucket and False otherwise


request (DownloadRequest) –

Return type: