Source code for sentinelhub.constants

Module defining constants and enumerate types used in the package

from __future__ import annotations

import functools
import mimetypes
import re
import warnings
from enum import Enum, EnumMeta
from typing import Callable, ClassVar

import numpy as np
import pyproj
import utm
from aenum import extend_enum

from ._version import __version__
from .exceptions import SHUserWarning

[docs]class ServiceUrl: """Most commonly used Sentinel Hub service URLs""" MAIN = "" USWEST = "" CREODIAS = "" MUNDI = "" CODE_DE = ""
[docs]class ServiceType(Enum): """Enum constant class for type of service Supported types are WMS, WCS, WFS, AWS, IMAGE """ WMS = "wms" WCS = "wcs" WFS = "wfs" AWS = "aws" IMAGE = "image" FIS = "fis" PROCESSING_API = "processing"
[docs]class ResamplingType(Enum): """Enum constant class for type of resampling.""" NEAREST = "NEAREST" BILINEAR = "BILINEAR" BICUBIC = "BICUBIC" @classmethod def _missing_(cls, value: object) -> ResamplingType: # This triggers if value is not found, before raising an error (see Enum docs). Makes class case-insensitive. if isinstance(value, str) and value.upper() in cls._value2member_map_: return cls(value.upper()) return super()._missing_(value)
[docs]class MosaickingOrder(Enum): """Enum constant class for type of mosaicking order.""" MOST_RECENT = "mostRecent" LEAST_RECENT = "leastRecent" LEAST_CC = "leastCC"
[docs]class CRSMeta(EnumMeta): """Metaclass used for building CRS Enum class""" _UNSUPPORTED_CRS = pyproj.CRS(4326) def __new__(mcs, cls, bases, classdict): # type: ignore[no-untyped-def] # noqa: N804 """This is executed at the beginning of runtime when CRS class is created""" for direction, direction_value in [("N", "6"), ("S", "7")]: for zone in range(1, 61): classdict[f"UTM_{zone}{direction}"] = f"32{direction_value}{zone:02}" return super().__new__(mcs, cls, bases, classdict) def __call__(cls, crs_value, *args, **kwargs): # type: ignore[no-untyped-def] # noqa: N805 """This is executed whenever CRS('something') is called""" # pylint: disable=signature-differs crs_value = cls._parse_crs(crs_value) if isinstance(crs_value, str) and not cls.has_value(crs_value) and crs_value.isdigit() and len(crs_value) >= 4: crs_name = f"EPSG_{crs_value}" extend_enum(cls, crs_name, crs_value) return super().__call__(crs_value, *args, **kwargs) @staticmethod def _parse_crs(value: object) -> object: # noqa: C901 """Method for parsing different inputs representing the same CRS enum. Examples: - 4326 - 'EPSG:3857' - {'init': 32633} - geojson['crs']['properties']['name'] string (urn:ogc:def:crs:...) - pyproj.CRS(32743) """ if isinstance(value, dict) and "init" in value: value = value["init"] if hasattr(value, "to_epsg"): if value == CRSMeta._UNSUPPORTED_CRS: message = ( "sentinelhub-py supports only WGS 84 coordinate reference system with " "coordinate order lng-lat. Given pyproj.CRS(4326) has coordinate order lat-lng. Be careful " "to use the correct order of coordinates." ) warnings.warn(message, category=SHUserWarning) epsg_code = value.to_epsg() if epsg_code is not None: return str(epsg_code) if value == CRS.WGS84.pyproj_crs(): return "4326" error_message = f"Failed to determine an EPSG code of the given CRS:\n{value!r}" maybe_epsg = value.to_epsg(min_confidence=0) if maybe_epsg is not None: error_message = f"{error_message}\nIt might be EPSG {maybe_epsg} but pyproj is not confident enough." raise ValueError(error_message) if isinstance(value, (int, np.integer)): return str(value) if isinstance(value, str): if "urn:ogc:def:crs" in value.lower(): crs_template = re.compile(r"urn:ogc:def:crs:.+::(?P<code>.+)", re.IGNORECASE) match = crs_template.match(value) if match is None: raise ValueError(f"The value {value} could not be parsed to a CRS.") value ="code") if value.upper() == "CRS84": return "4326" return value.lower().replace("epsg:", "").strip() return value
[docs]class CRS(Enum, metaclass=CRSMeta): """Coordinate Reference System enumerate class Available CRS constants are WGS84, POP_WEB (i.e. Popular Web Mercator) and constants in form UTM_<zone><direction>, where zone is an integer from [1, 60] and direction is either N or S (i.e. northern or southern hemisphere) """ WGS84 = "4326" POP_WEB = "3857" #: UTM enum members are defined in CRSMeta.__new__ def __str__(self) -> str: """Method for casting CRS enum into string""" return self.ogc_string() def __repr__(self) -> str: """Method for retrieving CRS enum representation""" return f"CRS('{self.value}')"
[docs] @classmethod def has_value(cls, value: str) -> bool: """Tests whether CRS contains a constant defined with string `value`. :param value: The string representation of the enum constant. :return: `True` if there exists a constant with string value `value`, `False` otherwise """ return value in cls._value2member_map_
@property def epsg(self) -> int: """EPSG code property :return: EPSG code of given CRS """ return int(self.value)
[docs] def ogc_string(self) -> str: """Returns a string of the form authority:id representing the CRS. :param self: An enum constant representing a coordinate reference system. :return: A string representation of the CRS. """ return f"EPSG:{CRS(self).value}"
@property def opengis_string(self) -> str: """Returns a URL to OGC webpage where the CRS is defined :return: A URL with CRS definition """ return f"{self.epsg}"
[docs] def is_utm(self) -> bool: """Checks if crs is one of the 64 possible UTM coordinate reference systems. :param self: An enum constant representing a coordinate reference system. :return: `True` if crs is UTM and `False` otherwise """ return"UTM")
[docs] @functools.lru_cache(maxsize=128) # noqa: B019 def projection(self) -> pyproj.Proj: """Returns a projection in form of pyproj class. For better time performance this method will cache `128` most recent results. Cache can be released with `CRS.projection.cache_clear()`. :return: pyproj projection class """ return pyproj.Proj(self._get_pyproj_projection_def(), preserve_units=True)
[docs] @functools.lru_cache(maxsize=128) # noqa: B019 def pyproj_crs(self) -> pyproj.CRS: """Returns a pyproj CRS class. For better time performance this method will cache `128` most recent results. Cache can be released with `CRS.pyproj_crs.cache_clear()`. :return: pyproj CRS class """ return pyproj.CRS(self._get_pyproj_projection_def())
[docs] @functools.lru_cache(maxsize=512) # noqa: B019 def get_transform_function(self, other: CRS, always_xy: bool = True) -> Callable[..., tuple]: """Returns a function for transforming geometrical objects from one CRS to another. The function will support transformations between any objects that pyproj supports. For better time performance this method will cache results. Cache can be released with `CRS.get_transform_function.cache_clear()`. :param self: Initial CRS :param other: Target CRS :param always_xy: Parameter that is passed to `pyproj.Transformer` object and defines axis order for transformation. The default value `True` is in most cases the correct one. :return: A projection function obtained from pyproj package """ return pyproj.Transformer.from_proj(self.projection(), other.projection(), always_xy=always_xy).transform
[docs] @staticmethod def get_utm_from_wgs84(lng: float, lat: float) -> CRS: """Convert from WGS84 to UTM coordinate system :param lng: Longitude :param lat: Latitude :return: UTM coordinates """ _, _, zone, _ = utm.from_latlon(lat, lng) direction = "N" if lat >= 0 else "S" return CRS[f"UTM_{zone}{direction}"]
def _get_pyproj_projection_def(self) -> str: """Returns a pyproj crs definition For WGS 84 it ensures lng-lat order """ return "+proj=longlat +ellps=WGS84 +datum=WGS84 +no_defs" if self is CRS.WGS84 else self.ogc_string()
[docs]class MimeType(Enum): """Enum class to represent supported file formats Supported file formats are TIFF 8-bit, TIFF 16-bit, TIFF 32-bit float, PNG, JPEG, JPEG2000, JSON, CSV, ZIP, HDF5, XML, GML, RAW """ TIFF = "tiff" PNG = "png" JPG = "jpg" JP2 = "jp2" JSON = "json" CSV = "csv" ZIP = "zip" HDF = "hdf" XML = "xml" GML = "gml" TXT = "txt" TAR = "tar" RAW = "raw" SAFE = "safe" PICKLE = "pkl" NPY = "npy" GPKG = "gpkg" GEOJSON = "geojson" GZIP = "gz" @property def extension(self) -> str: """Returns file extension of the MimeType object :returns: A file extension string """ return self.value
[docs] @staticmethod def from_string(mime_type_str: str) -> MimeType: """Parses mime type from a file extension string :param mime_type_str: A file extension string :return: A mime type enum """ guessed_extension = mimetypes.guess_extension(mime_type_str) if guessed_extension: mime_type_str = guessed_extension.strip(".") else: mime_type_str = mime_type_str.split("/")[-1] if MimeType.has_value(mime_type_str): return MimeType(mime_type_str) try: return {"tif": MimeType.TIFF, "jpeg": MimeType.JPG, "hdf5": MimeType.HDF, "h5": MimeType.HDF}[mime_type_str] except KeyError as exception: raise ValueError(f"Data format {mime_type_str} is not supported") from exception
[docs] def is_image_format(self) -> bool: """Checks whether file format is an image format Example: ``MimeType.PNG.is_image_format()`` or ``MimeType.is_image_format(MimeType.PNG)`` :param self: File format :return: `True` if file is in image format, `False` otherwise """ return self in frozenset([MimeType.TIFF, MimeType.PNG, MimeType.JP2, MimeType.JPG])
[docs] def is_api_format(self) -> bool: """Checks if mime type is supported by Sentinel Hub API :return: True if API supports this format and False otherwise """ return self in frozenset([MimeType.JPG, MimeType.PNG, MimeType.TIFF, MimeType.JSON])
[docs] @classmethod def has_value(cls, value: str) -> bool: """Tests whether MimeType contains a constant defined with string ``value`` :param value: The string representation of the enum constant :return: `True` if there exists a constant with string value ``value``, `False` otherwise """ return value in cls._value2member_map_
[docs] def get_string(self) -> str: """Get file format as string :return: String describing the file format """ if self is MimeType.JP2: return "image/jpeg2000" if self is MimeType.XML: return "text/xml" if self is MimeType.RAW: return self.value return mimetypes.types_map["." + self.value]
[docs] def matches_extension(self, path: str) -> bool: """Checks if mime type enum is used as the last file extension in given file path. :param path: Path that might have an extension at the end. :return: A boolean value indicating if the file path ends with the expected extension. """ return path.endswith(f".{self.extension}")
[docs] def get_expected_max_value(self) -> float | int: """Returns max value of image `MimeType` format and raises an error if it is not an image format :return: A maximum value of specified image format :raises: ValueError """ try: return {MimeType.TIFF: 65535, MimeType.PNG: 255, MimeType.JPG: 255, MimeType.JP2: 10000}[self] except KeyError as exception: raise ValueError(f"Type {self} is not supported by this method") from exception
[docs]class RequestType(Enum): """Enum constant class for GET/POST request type.""" GET = "GET" POST = "POST" DELETE = "DELETE" PUT = "PUT" PATCH = "PATCH"
[docs]class SHConstants: """Common constants used in various requests.""" LATEST = "latest" HEADERS: ClassVar[dict[str, str]] = {"User-Agent": f"sentinelhub-py/v{__version__}"}