Source code for sentinelhub.api.utils

Module implementing some common utility functions
from enum import Enum
from typing import Any, Dict, Type

from dataclasses_json import LetterCase
from dataclasses_json import config as dataclass_config

from ..geometry import Geometry
from ..time_utils import parse_time, serialize_time

datetime_config = dataclass_config(
    encoder=lambda time: serialize_time(time, use_tz=True) if time else None,
    decoder=lambda time: parse_time(time, force_datetime=True) if time else None,

geometry_config = dataclass_config(
    decoder=lambda geojson: Geometry.from_geojson(geojson) if geojson else None,
    exclude=lambda geojson: geojson is None,  # type: ignore[misc, arg-type]

[docs]def enum_config(enum_class: Type[Enum]) -> Dict[str, dict]: """Given an Enum class it provide an object for serialization/deserialization""" return dataclass_config( encoder=lambda enum_item: enum_item.value, decoder=lambda item: enum_class(item) if item else None, exclude=lambda item: item is None, # type: ignore[misc, arg-type] letter_case=LetterCase.CAMEL, )
def _update_other_args(dict1: Dict[str, Any], dict2: Dict[str, Any]) -> None: """Function for a recursive update of `dict1` with `dict2`. The function loops over the keys in `dict2` and only the non-dict like values are assigned to the specified keys. """ for key, value in dict2.items(): if isinstance(value, dict) and key in dict1: _update_other_args(dict1[key], value) else: dict1[key] = value
[docs]def remove_undefined(payload: dict) -> dict: """Takes a dictionary and removes keys without value""" return {name: value for name, value in payload.items() if value is not None}