Downloading satellite data from AWS with command line

The following examples show how to download Sentinel-2 data from AWS S3 storage bucket and store them into original ESA .SAFE format. Before testing the examples below make sure to install the package with [AWS] extension dependencies please check Configuration paragraph for details about configuring AWS credentials and information about charges.

Sentinel-2 products

To download a Sentinel-2 product and save it to present working directory only ESA product ID has to be specified:

$ --product S2A_MSIL1C_20170414T003551_N0204_R016_T54HVH_20170414T003551

Download of L2A products works in the same way, as the difference between L1C and L2A can be determined from product ID:

$ --product S2A_MSIL2A_20180402T151801_N0207_R068_T33XWJ_20180402T202222

If certain file has already been downloaded and exists in the expected folder it by default won’t be redownloaded. However redownload can be specified with the following flag:

$ --product S2A_MSIL1C_20170414T003551_N0204_R016_T54HVH_20170414T003551 -r

It is possible to get only information about .SAFE structure (without charge) and not download the product:

$ --product S2A_MSIL1C_20170414T003551_N0204_R016_T54HVH_20170414T003551 -i

Download product and save it to specific file directory:

$ --product S2A_MSIL1C_20170414T003551_N0204_R016_T54HVH_20170414T003551 -f /home/ESA_Products

Download specified bands only:

$ --product S2A_MSIL1C_20170414T003551_N0204_R016_T54HVH_20170414T003551 --bands B08,B11

Sentinel-2 tiles

It is possible to download only a specific tile within the product. The tile can be specified with tile name (i.e. tile’s spatial location) and sensing date:

$ --tile T54HVH 2017-04-14

By default L1C tile data will be downloaded. In order to download L2A tile data a flag has to be used:

$ --tile T33XWJ 2018-04-02 --l2a

Download entire product corresponding to tile:

$ --tile T54HVH 2017-04-14 -e

.SAFE format details

Because files in AWS bucket are stored differently the sentinelhub package has to reconstruct .SAFE format following the rules of ESA naming convention. Reconstructed format may differ from the original only in the following:

  • Folders HTML and rep_info inside main product folder do not contain any data.

  • Auxiliary file inside AUX_DATA folder of every tile in old .SAFE format does not have original name. Instead it is named AUX_ECMWFT which is the same as in compact .SAFE format.

  • Some products created in October 2017 might miss quality report files (FORMAT_CORRECTNESS.xml, GENERAL_QUALITY.xml, GEOMETRIC_QUALITY.xml, RADIOMETRIC_QUALITY.xml and SENSOR_QUALITY.xml).

If you notice any other difference please raise an issue at GitHub page.