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Download process for Sentinel Hub Statistical API
import concurrent.futures
import copy
import json
import logging
from typing import Any, Dict

from ..exceptions import DownloadFailedException
from ..types import JsonDict
from .models import DownloadRequest, DownloadResponse
from .sentinelhub_client import SentinelHubDownloadClient

LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class SentinelHubStatisticalDownloadClient(SentinelHubDownloadClient): """A special download client for Sentinel Hub Statistical API Beside a normal download from Sentinel Hub services it implements an additional process of retrying and caching. """ _RETRIABLE_ERRORS = ("EXECUTION_ERROR", "TIMEOUT") def __init__(self, *args: Any, n_interval_retries: int = 1, max_retry_threads: int = 5, **kwargs: Any): """ :param n_interval_retries: Number of retries if a request fails just for a certain timestamp. (This parameter is experimental and might be changed in the future.) :param max_retry_threads: Number of threads used for retrying. (This parameter is experimental and might be changed in the future.) """ super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.n_interval_retries = n_interval_retries self.max_retry_threads = max_retry_threads def _process_response(self, request: DownloadRequest, response: DownloadResponse) -> DownloadResponse: """After downloading the response for all timestamps this method handles redownload for those timestamps for which download failed.""" stats_response = response.decode() failed_time_intervals: Dict[int, Any] = {} for index, stat_info in enumerate(stats_response["data"]): if self._has_retriable_error(stat_info): failed_time_intervals[index] = stat_info["interval"] n_succeeded_intervals = 0 if failed_time_intervals: LOGGER.debug("Failed for %s intervals, retrying by downloading per interval", len(failed_time_intervals)) retried_responses = self._download_per_interval(request, failed_time_intervals) n_succeeded_intervals = sum("error" not in stat_info for stat_info in retried_responses.values()) stats_response["data"] = [ retried_responses.get(index, stat_info) for index, stat_info in enumerate(stats_response["data"]) ] if n_succeeded_intervals == 0: return response new_content = json.dumps(stats_response).encode("utf-8") return response.derive(content=new_content) def _download_per_interval(self, request: DownloadRequest, time_intervals: Dict[int, Any]) -> dict: """Download statistics per each time interval""" interval_requests = [] for time_interval in time_intervals.values(): interval_request = copy.deepcopy(request) if interval_request.post_values is None or "aggregation" not in interval_request.post_values: raise ValueError("Unable to configure request for retrying by interval.") interval_request.post_values["aggregation"]["timeRange"] = time_interval interval_requests.append(interval_request) with concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=self.max_retry_threads) as executor: stat_info_responses = list(, interval_requests)) return dict(zip(time_intervals, stat_info_responses)) def _execute_single_stat_download(self, request: DownloadRequest) -> JsonDict: """Makes sure a download for a single time interval is retried""" for retry_count in range(self.n_interval_retries): response = self._execute_download(request) stat_response = response.decode() stat_info = stat_response["data"][0] if not self._has_retriable_error(stat_info) or retry_count == self.n_interval_retries - 1: return stat_info raise DownloadFailedException("No more interval retries available, download unsuccessful") def _has_retriable_error(self, stat_info: JsonDict) -> bool: """Checks if a dictionary of Stat API info for a single time interval has an error that can fixed by retrying a request """ error_type = stat_info.get("error", {}).get("type") return error_type in self._RETRIABLE_ERRORS