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Download process for Sentinel Hub Statistical API

from __future__ import annotations

import concurrent.futures
import copy
import json
import logging
from typing import Any

from ..exceptions import DownloadFailedException
from ..types import JsonDict
from .models import DownloadRequest, DownloadResponse
from .sentinelhub_client import SentinelHubDownloadClient

LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class SentinelHubStatisticalDownloadClient(SentinelHubDownloadClient): """A special download client for Sentinel Hub Statistical API Beside a normal download from Sentinel Hub services it implements an additional process of retrying and caching. """ _RETRIABLE_ERRORS = ("EXECUTION_ERROR", "TIMEOUT") def __init__(self, *args: Any, n_interval_retries: int = 1, max_retry_threads: int = 5, **kwargs: Any): """ :param n_interval_retries: Number of retries if a request fails just for a certain timestamp. (This parameter is experimental and might be changed in the future.) :param max_retry_threads: Number of threads used for retrying. (This parameter is experimental and might be changed in the future.) """ super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.n_interval_retries = n_interval_retries self.max_retry_threads = max_retry_threads def _process_response(self, request: DownloadRequest, response: DownloadResponse) -> DownloadResponse: """After downloading the response for all timestamps this method handles redownload for those timestamps for which download failed.""" stats_response = response.decode() failed_time_intervals: dict[int, Any] = {} for index, stat_info in enumerate(stats_response["data"]): if self._has_retriable_error(stat_info): failed_time_intervals[index] = stat_info["interval"] n_succeeded_intervals = 0 if failed_time_intervals: LOGGER.debug("Failed for %s intervals, retrying by downloading per interval", len(failed_time_intervals)) retried_responses = self._download_per_interval(request, failed_time_intervals) n_succeeded_intervals = sum("error" not in stat_info for stat_info in retried_responses.values()) stats_response["data"] = [ retried_responses.get(index, stat_info) for index, stat_info in enumerate(stats_response["data"]) ] if n_succeeded_intervals == 0: return response new_content = json.dumps(stats_response).encode("utf-8") return response.derive(content=new_content) def _download_per_interval(self, request: DownloadRequest, time_intervals: dict[int, Any]) -> dict: """Download statistics per each time interval""" interval_requests = [] for time_interval in time_intervals.values(): interval_request = copy.deepcopy(request) if interval_request.post_values is None or "aggregation" not in interval_request.post_values: raise ValueError("Unable to configure request for retrying by interval.") interval_request.post_values["aggregation"]["timeRange"] = time_interval interval_requests.append(interval_request) with concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=self.max_retry_threads) as executor: stat_info_responses = list(, interval_requests)) return dict(zip(time_intervals, stat_info_responses)) def _execute_single_stat_download(self, request: DownloadRequest) -> JsonDict: """Makes sure a download for a single time interval is retried""" for retry_count in range(self.n_interval_retries): response = self._execute_download(request) stat_response = response.decode() stat_info = stat_response["data"][0] if not self._has_retriable_error(stat_info) or retry_count == self.n_interval_retries - 1: return stat_info raise DownloadFailedException("No more interval retries available, download unsuccessful") def _has_retriable_error(self, stat_info: JsonDict) -> bool: """Checks if a dictionary of Stat API info for a single time interval has an error that can fixed by retrying a request """ error_type = stat_info.get("error", {}).get("type") return error_type in self._RETRIABLE_ERRORS