Module implementing some utility functions not suitable for other utility modules

class sentinelhub.sh_utils.FeatureIterator(client, url, params=None)[source]

Bases: abc.ABC

An implementation of a base feature iteration class

Main functionalities:

  • The iterator will load only as many features as needed at any moment
  • It will keep downloaded features in memory so that iterating over it again will not have to download the same features again.
  • client (DownloadClient) – An instance of a download client object
  • url (str) – An URL where requests will be made
  • params (dict or None) – Parameters to be sent with each request
class sentinelhub.sh_utils.SentinelHubFeatureIterator(*args, exception_message=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: sentinelhub.sh_utils.FeatureIterator

Feature iterator for the most common implementation of feature pagination at Sentinel Hub services

  • args – Arguments passed to FeatureIterator
  • exception_message (str) – A message to be raise if no feature are found
  • kwargs – Keyword arguments passed to FeatureIterator

Takes a dictionary and removes keys without value