Module defining data collections

class sentinelhub.data_collections.OrbitDirection[source]

Bases: object

Orbit directions

class sentinelhub.data_collections.DataCollectionDefinition(api_id: str = None, catalog_id: str = None, wfs_id: str = None, service_url: str = None, collection_type: str = None, sensor_type: str = None, processing_level: str = None, swath_mode: str = None, polarization: str = None, resolution: str = None, orbit_direction: str = None, timeliness: str = None, bands: Tuple[str, ...] = None, collection_id: str = None, is_timeless: bool = False, has_cloud_coverage: bool = False, dem_instance: str = None, _name: str = None)[source]

Bases: object

An immutable definition of a data collection

Check DataCollection.define for more info about attributes of this class


Create a new data collection definition from current definition and parameters that override current parameters

Parameters:params – Any of DataCollectionDefinition attributes
Returns:A new data collection definition
Return type:DataCollectionDefinition
class sentinelhub.data_collections.DataCollection[source]

Bases: enum.Enum

An enum class for data collections

It contains a number of predefined data collections, which are the most commonly used with Sentinel Hub service. Additionally it also allows defining new data collections by specifying data collection parameters relevant for the service. Check DataCollection.define and similar methods for more.

define_from(name, **params)[source]

Define a new data collection from an existing one

  • name (str) – A name of a new data collection
  • params – Any parameter to override current data collection parameters

A new data collection

Return type:



Provides a Sentinel Hub Process API identifier or raises an error if it is not defined

Returns:An identifier
Return type:str

Provides a Sentinel Hub Catalog API identifier or raises an error if it is not defined

Returns:An identifier
Return type:str

Provides a Sentinel Hub WFS identifier or raises an error if it is not defined

Returns:An identifier
Return type:str

Provides band names available for the data collection

Returns:A tuple of band names
Return type:tuple(str)

Checks if data collection is a Sentinel-1 collection type

Example: DataCollection.SENTINEL1_IW.is_sentinel1

Returns:True if collection is Sentinel-1 collection type and False otherwise
Return type:bool

Checks if a data collection contains given orbit direction

Parameters:orbit_direction (string) – An orbit direction
Returns:True if data collection contains the orbit direction

alias of sentinelhub.data_collections.DataCollection

sentinelhub.data_collections.handle_deprecated_data_source(data_collection, data_source, default=None)[source]

Joins parameters used to specify a data collection. In case data_source is given it raises a warning. In case both are given it raises an error. In case neither are given but there is a default collection it raises another warning.

Note that this function is only temporary and will be removed in future package versions