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Module implementing download client that is adjusted to download from AWS
import logging
import warnings

import boto3
from botocore.exceptions import NoCredentialsError

from ..exceptions import AwsDownloadFailedException
from .client import DownloadClient
from .handlers import fail_missing_file

LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class AwsDownloadClient(DownloadClient): """ An AWS download client class """ GLOBAL_S3_CLIENT = None @fail_missing_file def _execute_download(self, request): """ Executes a download procedure """ if not self.is_s3_request(request): return super()._execute_download(request) s3_client = self._get_s3_client() response_content = self._do_download(request, s3_client) LOGGER.debug('Successful download from %s', request.url) return response_content def _get_s3_client(self): """ Provides a s3 client object """ key_args = {} if self.config.aws_access_key_id and self.config.aws_secret_access_key: key_args = { 'aws_access_key_id': self.config.aws_access_key_id, 'aws_secret_access_key': self.config.aws_secret_access_key } warnings.filterwarnings('ignore', category=ResourceWarning, message='unclosed.*<ssl.SSLSocket.*>') try: s3_client = boto3.Session().client('s3', **key_args) AwsDownloadClient.GLOBAL_S3_CLIENT = s3_client except KeyError as exception: # Sometimes creation of client fails and we use the global client if it exists if AwsDownloadClient.GLOBAL_S3_CLIENT is None: raise ValueError('Failed to create a client for download from AWS') from exception s3_client = AwsDownloadClient.GLOBAL_S3_CLIENT return s3_client @staticmethod def _do_download(request, s3_client): """ Does the download from s3 """ _, _, bucket_name, url_key = request.url.split('/', 3) try: response = s3_client.get_object(Bucket=bucket_name, Key=url_key, RequestPayer='requester') return response['Body'].read() except NoCredentialsError as exception: raise ValueError( 'The requested data is in Requester Pays AWS bucket. In order to download the data please set ' 'your access key either in AWS credentials file or in sentinelhub config.json file using ' 'command line:\n' '$ sentinelhub.config --aws_access_key_id <your AWS key> --aws_secret_access_key ' '<your AWS secret key>') from exception except s3_client.exceptions.NoSuchKey as exception: raise AwsDownloadFailedException('File in location %s is missing' % request.url) from exception except s3_client.exceptions.NoSuchBucket as exception: raise ValueError('Aws bucket %s does not exist' % bucket_name) from exception
[docs] @staticmethod def is_s3_request(request): """ Checks if data has to be downloaded from AWS s3 bucket :return: `True` if url describes location at AWS s3 bucket and `False` otherwise :rtype: bool """ return request.url.startswith('s3://')